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I am beginning a long journey to implement both a BPMS and SOA solution at work. What I am finding out is that the technology is the easy part (and it is not all that easy). The real key to success is change management. The reason I say that is when I list out and rank the barriers to success, the top 5 are not related to technology. Number one: Resistance to change. Number 2: Becoming a process centric culture. Number 3: Governance. Number 4: Conflicting project priorities. Number 5: Lack of in-house skills.

If you look at this list you can see that all of these issues are related to people and processes. Change management, by definition, is managing the human aspects of change. The 5 barriers I listed are all issues that need to be addressed by either changing the culture, changing the organization structure or processes, or by training people. If we don't address all of these issues up front, then our chance of success is greatly reduced.

I am confident that we will successfully tackle the technical challenges, but we will need some help with the big 5! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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