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I was looking back at my first year of blogging to see what my best posts were. For those of you who have read several of my posts you know that I have two favorite topics: open source and SOA. I started blogging in March of this year and have written 120 posts. The top 10 were all dominated by open source articles. The reason is simple, Windows vs. Linux is a hot topic on sites like Digg, Del.icio.us, and Reddit. There are a lot of flame wars out there and not a lot of facts. Most of my posts were related to real work experience with open source and a few were dedicated to an experiment I did at home with several Linux distributions. So for 2007, here are my top 10 posts:

  1. Open Source and Microsoft Free (54,000 hits)
  2. Comparing Linux Distributions - Final Results
  3. Dumping Vista - a Divorce with a Happy Ending
  4. Open Source and Loving it!
  5. Linux Mint is....Mint!
  6. Eating my own Dog Food
  7. Another easy Linux Install, Kubuntu Style
  8. Review of Linux Distributions - Part 2
  9. 10 Reasons why you need an Open Source Strategy
  10. Review of Linux Distributions - Part 1
The top post was a hot ticket on Digg, Slashdot, Craigslist, Stumble, Del.icio.ous, and every Linux website known to mankind. Even though I wrote it several months ago, it continues to get a lot of traffic. Obviously, I am a big advocate of Linux. I have been using Kubuntu at work at a Microsoft shop for most of the year now and have been very productive without a single piece of Microsoft software on my laptop. Linux is ready for primetime. People aren't ready for Linux.


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