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For those of you who have been reading my blog for the last two years, you might know that after 13 years at my previous job I left the company this summer to pursue multiple opportunities that were available to me. I have been doing some consulting and freelance writing in the mean time but have finally found my new gig. I will be the CTO/Chief Architect for a startup (more details forthcoming in the future) and will have the opportunity to work on some of the newer technology initiatives. So here are some of the future blog topics that I will start covering in 2009 once I get rolling:

  1. SOA - can't seem to let it go! As I wrote in a post at CIO.com, I believe SOA is not just for legacy systems and can be the foundation that startups can leverage as a competitive advantage (see the reasons why)
  2. Cloud Computing - Startups typically have low budgets and leveraging platform (PaaS) and/or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can be a great way to both minimize costs and reduce time to market. As I go through the requirements analysis, risk analysis, vendor analysis, proof of concepts, prototypes, and deal with issues such as stability and privacy, I will share my lessons learned here.
  3. Open Source - We will likely leverage many open source solutions and I will discuss those experiences and decision points here.
  4. Social Software - The company is based in the North East and I live in Florida. It is highly possible that the team I build will be dispersed all over the country and possibly even the world. There will be great lessons learned discussions as well as evaluations of tools to help enable working remotely (virtual whiteboards, live meetings, SaaS solutions for defect tracking, etc.).
  5. Agile - One of our goals is to deliver quickly and at low cost. This involves a lot of the above mentioned topics and will also lead us into the world of Agile Development. I will discuss our challenges and lessons learned in this area as well.
  6. C-Level IT topics - In my new role I will be working side by side with other C-Level people within the company as well as with C-Level people of partner and customer companies. I will have to hit the road and sell and/or promote our products/services and will try to shed some light on some of the interesting topics I come across.
  7. Misc - Other topics that might be worthy of discussing (examples: impacts of financial crisis, VC funding, selling technology to business people and customers, etc.)
In addition, I still do some freelance writing and blogging from time to time. I have a series of discussions coming up on enterprise mashups and will blog about it in the next week or two. I am attending and speaking at the EDM Summit in Orlando next week and will definitely be sharing my presentation on Business Intelligence as a Service as well as covering topics like business rules management, data warehousing, IT governance, and others. I also have two books from Packt Publishing to review:
  • SOA Governance by Todd Biske
  • SOA Cookbook by Michael Havey
Once I finish reading these I will post a review on my blog. I am half way through Todd's book so far and really like it.

And finally, I am open to covering any topic that any of my readers would like me to discuss whether it is on this blog, over the phone, or in person. Whenever I travel I send a Tweet on Twitter to let people know where I can be found. I will be in Pittsburgh from Saturday 10/25 through Monday 10/27 if anybody lives there and would like to meet. Don't bug me from 4:15-7:15pm on Sunday because I'll be at Heinz Field pulling for my Giants against a tough Steeler team. The rest of next week I am at the EDM Summit in Orlando.

I look forward to sharing these topics with you all. Over the next two months my focus will be on the business plan and creating a team. We officially launch the company in the December-January time frame. At that point expect to see more discussions on the topics I mentioned above.


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