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I am a huge fan of social software, especially when it comes to networking with experts in technology. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I am a fanatic NY Giants fan who travels from Florida to hostile stadiums in places like Dallas and Pittsburgh to watch my beloved GMen go to battle. Last week, Jordan Haberfield, an expert at finding and placing talented SOA technicians at major corporations, asked me about a wager on the game between the Giants and his favorite team, the sell proclaimed America's Team and arch rival Dallas Cowboys. My normal bet with friends is for lunch or a few beers. Since Jordan is in New Jersey and I am in Florida, that bet did not make sense. What did make sense was betting that the loser would have to post a congrats on his blog.

Well, that was like taking candy from a baby as the Giants put a thumping on the depleted and heartless Cowpokes. To see Jordan pay his debts, go to his website called Agile Elephant. Jordan did manage to find a picture of one of the few positive plays that his Cowboys had in the game. My favorite Cowboy moment is still the Terrell Owens "My Quarterback" crying session after the Giants knocked the 'Boys out of the playoffs last year.

So add wagers to your list of things you can do with social software. It's the gift that keeps on giving and is searchable on Google!


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