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James McGovern put out a call for more EA blogs a few weeks back. I'll take that one step further and call for more EA collaboration. There are a lot of different opinions about how to approach SOA, process, and many other topics. James has some strong opinions and calls out his peers when he disagrees with them. I love constructive criticism and I sure get it from James. The problem I have is that he doesn't post my comments and allow a discussion to take place. That is not collaboration, that is being closed minded.

I have been having many healthy debates on how or if to sell SOA to the business with fellow EA bloggers Nick Malik, Jack van Hoof, and Alastair Bathgate. I think it benefits the readers to see all of the different solutions to a problem. James just flat out says that I am wrong, end of story. So here is my challenge to James McGovern. Let's collaborate and post your readers' comments so we can see everyone's point of view. Let's have more collaboration. If we want more EAs to blog, let's provide a platform for them to share ideas and give and receive constructive feedback.


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