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Check out this article by Dana Gardner from ZDNet about Microsoft's approach to SOA. Microsoft just doesn't get it. Their approach to SOA requires an upgrade to .NET Framework 3.0. Funny, I always thought that the beauty of SOA was it allows you to deliver new applications while leveraging your legacy applications, not upgrading them! If you follow some of the links that Dana provides you'll see these quotes from the article Microsoft Does Have a SOA Strategy:

(Microsoft) so far declined to participate in certain key emerging industry standards relevant to SOA.

The more vocal critics claim Microsoft's approach to SOA not only goes against the technical grain of competitors, but may also not be in the best interests of customers. They believe the company's approach is too tied to pushing sales of its core desktop and server products, which are more expensive, complex and proprietary than alternative offerings.

Microsoft is primarily concerned with its [own] business strategy. It wants to continue to produce these fantastic profits but that runs counter to what many IT shops are focused on, which is cost-reduction, simplification, consolidation and modernization...

Such standards are too closely tied to rival technologies and platforms for Microsoft's taste, Heffner says: "That would be a hard pill to swallow. Microsoft doesn't want to do the tools that will help people use some other platforms."
Let me say that again, "Microsoft doesn't want to do the tools that will help people use some other platforms." Think about that when evaluating vendors. Unless you have a Microsoft only shop, stay far away from this mine field! Notice that they always tend to focus on the developer and not the the developer's customers.


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