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I have been blogging for quite some time about SOA and Event Processing and have recently been getting more experience with Cloud Computing. The last few weeks I did a series of posts on agile SOA:

Today I completed a nice presentation on Slideshare called Agile Architecture which combines SOA, EDA, and Cloud Computing in a strategy to support the ever demanding needs of our dynamic business environment. I have the luxury of starting from scratch because we are in startup mode and do not have the burden of years of legacy systems and legacy cultures. The goals of our architecture are many, but here are a few key goals that speak to the topic of agile:
  • Must integrate with multiple customers, suppliers, partners
  • Must be configurable
  • Data may physically be stored in different locations for different customers
  • We don't own or want to own a data center
  • We want our customers/partners to be able to extend our services
  • We will deliver our software as a service
  • Each customer/partner has unique business processes and rules
  • We need to deliver our content on many different mediums and devices
I could go on but you get the picture. The reality is that we need to support an extremely dynamic business model and we need to be able to scale quickly. The following presentation shows the approach we will adopt to meet those requirements. This will be a long journey and will not happen overnight. But with a clear vision of the future state, we can plot a path of small manageable milestones to help us get there. I hope you enjoy the presentation!

Agile Architecture
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: soa bpm)


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