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This blog focuses on Enterprise IT topics such as Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio Management, Change Management, Business Process Management, and recaps various technology events and news.

This Blog is Moving to a new Home!
This is the last post I will do on Blogger. I am moving Enterprise Initiatives to KavisTechnology.com. The material will stay the same but the landing page will be different. If you are a subscriber, you can get the new RSS feed here.

Why is the blog moving?
I started my consulting company this past June and created a new blog on my company's domain. That made my fourth blog that I have to maintain. When I started blogging a couple of years ago I started here on Blogger with the Enterprise Initiatives blog. After a month I discovered the ITToolbox community and started blogging there as well. I was going to move this blog to the Toolbox but Techdispenser started including this blog in their community. Then I was invited to write for CIO.com on their SOA Drilldown blog which I did for three months.

Although not all of my articles go on all three - blogger, ITToolbox, and KavisTechnology - most of them do. I wind up doing a cut and paste exercise everytime I blog. So to save some time I am going to cut it down to two blogs, the ITToolbox (generates a little revenue for me) and my company blog @ KavisTechnology.com.

Blog Editor Ranking
I would like to rank the three different blogging platforms that I have used. For this blog I use Blogger. ITToolbox uses Typepad and KavisTechnology uses WordPress.

#1 - WordPress - WordPress rocks! The administration panel simply blows away any other blog editor that I have used. I just upgraded to 2.7 with ease. There are thousands of plugins and templates available to use. In addition, there is such a huge WordPress following that you can find countless articles and even blogs dedicated to tips and tricks for blogging with WordPress.

#2 - Blogger - Blogger has a very nice editor and integrates easily with many Google owned products like YouTube, Picasaweb, AdSense and others. It has some nice templates but its administration panel is limited compared to WordPress. With Blogger I was able to easily integrate rich media content into blog posts. Blogger plugins are limited to what Google allows. Of course you can always add your own code but most bloggers prefer not to.

#3 - TypePad - My evaluation of Typepad is a little unfair. I believe that ITToolbox limits some of the funcitionality so that they can get hundreds of bloggers to deliver in a consistent format. We are not allowed to choose our own templates and they only offer a few plugins. The editor is way more cumbersome then Wordpress or Blogger which is why I cut and paste my code from WordPress into the other blogs.

I highly recommend WordPress as the blogging editor of choice!


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    Most blogging software have an import/export function. In Wordpress you can specify where you previous blog is and the tool you used to create it (Blogger, Movable Type, etc.).

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