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It looks like Steve Ballmer's new strategy is if you can't beat 'em, sue 'em (here). Maybe Ballmer has finally seen the writing on the wall. More and more articles keep popping up like this one. Here is an excerpt:

A CIO Insight study of 90 companies with revenues below $500 million finds that 90 percent will use Linux by the end of 2007. Most companies that use Linux plan to expand its use, and are building applications to run on the operating system. What's more, Apache, Firefox, and a broad range of other open source Web and application tools, database systems and development tools are also taking hold. These products are proving so successful at lowering costs and meeting corporate requirements for flexibility, integration and security that four of five companies plan to expand their use, too.

Couple that with the Microsoft's issues with Vista (Microsoft admits Vista failure & Speech recognition demo gone bad) and the future suddenly does not look so bright anymore for Ballmer. Ballmer continues to laugh at the notion that Google is kicking his butt, but instead of becoming innovative, he continues to deliver bloated operating systems that force companies to upgrade or buy new PCs.

So Ballmer's new strategy is to sue the open source community on 235 patents, although he
"refuses to identify specific patents or explain how they're being infringed". Maybe his next strategy will be to link Linux to Al Qaeda.


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