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I have been in IT for over 20 years. I have seen people do or say some real bone head things over the years. Here is a short list of some of the bone head moves that come to memory.

5) In an interview, I asked one guy to describe his worst boss. He went as far as to name his worst boss. It just so happened that the fellow he named was a good friend of mine.

4) I had one guy call in sick his first day of work because he had a fight with his girlfriend (he actually told me this). He wound up calling in sick 7 times in his first two months. I fired him before his 90 day probation period ended. He called me three days later and asked if I would be a reference.

3)I was showing a demo of an inventory system I wrote to the head of a hospital. The big wig decided to drive so he started entering data into the forms. At one point he was prompted to "press any key to continue" and he asked me, "Where is the any key?".

2)We had a user who was complaining about issues with a floppy disk. We asked him to send us the disk with a note describing the problem. When we received the disk it had the note stapled to it. We told him we found the problem, there was a staple in his disk.

1) I worked for a retail pharmacy for a number of years. Once a disgruntled former help desk person called up a pharmacist and walked him through the process of cutting the Ethernet cable from the store PC.


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