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David Linthicum hit the nail on the head with a recent articled titled Analysts need to Focus More on Architecture, Not Buzzwords. In the article David points out...

The fight here is that Forrester is considering SOA management as something that is very different from SOA governance. However, Gartner thinks that SOA management is a part of SOA governance...
Who cares? I am tired of the SOA buzzword of the day by people so far removed from architecting anything that their goal in life is to be the guy who coined the next hot buzzword. I skim through about 200 blog posts a day and am tired of littering my Google Reader with the next new buzzword like SOA 2.0. As David states in his post,
Not sure it will matter in a few years what you called what technology, but it will matter if you don't create an architecture that will drive your business into the future.

So in protest of the daily dribble the shows up in my reader each day, I pronounce this the era of BOA - Buzzword Oriented Architecture. I will ignore what the analysts have to say and continue to follow the blogs of real life Enterprise Architects like Todd Biske, Nick Malik, James McGovern, Eric Roch, and many others.


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