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When I first stumbled upon Twitter a year ago, I just couldn't understand the attraction behind it. I did notice that millions of people were using it so I decided to pay attention to it. Experience tells me that anytime a million people start to use a tool on the web, somebody is eventually going to figure out how to use this in business to make money. After reading about Twitter for a while I still wasn't finding the need to Tweet. But unlike many people my age and generation, I did not brush it off as a nonsense tool. Instead I created an account and started using it. I just started following a couple of blogger friends of mine and found that this tool has some potential. The value of Twitter increases dramatically as more people are added to your network, both followers and followees. I also stumbled across an article called Twitter Tools, Tweaks, and Theories which has opened my eyes to more possibilities. I won't repeat the article here but there are many valid uses for Twitter beyond discussing what you had for breakfast. This article called Why Twitter is Significant also provides a good perspective on why this is more then a fad and a toy for the younger generation.

My goal is to have a 100 followers and to follow a 100 people. Once I get there I will post a Twitter lessons learned. I have added a Twitter Widget to my blogs for you all to follow. Check it out. I added a funny Tweet today about a bad security practice I witnessed today.


  1. Aloof Schipperke  

    Unless I've missed something obvious, I don't see a reference to your twitter id.

  2. Mike Kavis  

    Sorry, it is madgreek65

  3. Aloof Schipperke  


    Out of curiosity, why 100?

    One could argue that this is a bit low by twitter standards. I recently passed 100 and am just now starting to find it interesting and valuable.

  4. Mike Kavis  

    just pulled the number out of the air

  5. Rowena  

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