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I received a call from a recruiting firm today for an EA job in Maryland. Maryland is no place for a die NY Giants fan like me! I told the guy thanks, but no thanks. He asked if I could pass the job description out through my network. He said he knows that us EA types stick together in packs (like wolves I said). So I told him to email me the job description and I would send out a quick Tweet to my network.

Then I started to wonder. Why are recruiters not using Twitter? Think of the time they could save calling, emailing, and searching for candidates if they could create a Twitter account for EA jobs and start connecting to candidates. Twitter messages are viral. One Tweet with a link to a job description and the recruiter could have his phone ringing off the wall. All candidates would have a ton of content on the web (blogs, tweets, etc.) which could easily serve as the first screening process.

What do you think? Am I on to something or is this already happening?

By the way, drop Anthony Johnson an email at johnson@fitzdrakesearch.com if you want details of the job.


  1. saraelkins  

    YES companies are starting to leverage twitter already and hopefully more will follow. HCA is doing a great job utilizing Twitter to recruit.




  2. Ric  

    Also Markus Hafner in Sydney Australia: http://twitter.com/eskimo_sparky

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