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Lately I have been getting a ton of calls from recruiters who are looking for some really smart people for various technology jobs. I don't know where they are getting my name from but they all know that I have a very solid network of talented people. Most of the jobs are in the North East or the West Coast. I am in Florida and have no plans to leave the Sunshine State any time soon. The gentleman who called me today said, "I was told that you are the guy to call because you know a lot of people in IT". That got me thinking. Between my connections on ITToolbox, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, and Twitter, I have about 500 IT people in my network with various talents. Why not share these opportunities with my friends and colleagues? I sent out a couple Tweets on Twitter but I want to try out this blog for a new way to share job leads with my network.

So if you are a recruiter or employer and are looking for some good people, shoot me an email (mkavis@yahoo.com) or a Tweet (madgreek65) and I will start a weekly post on job openings. This is totally free for both the talent seekers and the job seekers.

Here is my motivation. I have been contacted on some very attractive, high paying positions in states that I cannot move to. I would like to give those in my network an opportunity to inquire about these jobs that are typically not posted anywhere. Also, I would love to build a trusted network of recruiters and employers. You never know when they might return a favor for me or for someone I know.

So here is an attractive job that I sent out on Twitter today:

Recruiter called and is looking for IT Director for small loyalty marketing co. in Rochester, NY. Call Alan 732-463-1414.

I will send job notifications like this out on Twitter when I get them and will have a weekly post that summarizes all of the jobs I hear about during the week (if I get any). Currently I get 2-3 calls/emails a week on average. If you know any recruiters, forward them this post. If you are looking for a certain job opportunity, let me know so the next time they call about a particular job I can send them your way.

If I get enough people participating, I'll create a new blog dedicated to sharing job leads to connect recruiters with talented IT people. If I don't, no big loss. Let's give this a try. It is so hard to get your foot in the door these days. It is all about who you know and who can get your resume passed the paper shredder in HR. All I ask in return is that you check out my blog every now and then!


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