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Last week I tried an experiment which was to share some of the IT job leads that come across my desk via email or phone. I received a few responses so I figured I'd share this week's job leads with my network. So I created a new blog called Madgreek's IT Job Board where I will put detailed descriptions of jobs as they come to me, and once a week on this blog I will highlight some key jobs with links to the job board where you can see the details. I actually had a few recruiters contact me on LinkedIn and asked if I would share their job leads on my blog. Here are this week's opportunities:

  1. Look what's cooking at Hershey!
  2. Are you a Microsoft CRM pro?
  3. Leadership needed for a social networking startup.
That's it for this week. If you know of any recruiters who want an opportunity to showcase their jobs for free on my site, please have them contact me at mkavis@yahoo.com.


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