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I was recently interviewed by the good folks at Stacksafe about SOA and IT operations. You can go to their blog and see the transcript. For those of you not familiar with Stacksafe, here is a demo of their Test Center product.

In other news, I will be participating in a user panel called Measuring the Value of SOA at Gartner's Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit on June 11 in Orlando. I will be teamed up with fellow blogger Todd Biske and SOA author Melvin Greer. Here is the description of the user panel as described in the agenda:

In this session, several practitioners will share firsthand experience of justifying and measuring the value of their service-oriented architecture (SOA) activities: How to make the initial business case and continuously demonstrate the benefits? What metrics to use? What return on investment (ROI) to expect? What challenges have they encountered, and how did they overcome them?
For those of you attending, feel free to send me a tweet on Twitter or eMail so I can set aside some time to meet up and talk technology.

And finally, after nearly 13 years at my current job, I have made a bold decision to enter the job market and am seeking out companies that are looking to implement BPM, SOA, or Enterprise Architecture. I have enjoyed implementing these at my current job and would like to take all of those lessons learned that I frequently share with my readers and put them to use. If you know of anybody who needs help on these initiatives, I'd love to chat with them.


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