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I have been experimenting with Jott lately. Jott is a service that let's you translate voice messages to many different services like SMS text messages, Twitter messages, and blog posts. I just tested the Jott to Blog functionality. Since Jott messages cannot exceed 30 seconds, I refer to this as "Micro Podcasting". Is this useful? The jury is still out, but it is simple to do.

So below is a transcript of my voice message. You can see that Jott butchered my message. Luckily, it creates a blog post in draft mode which gives the blog author a chance to touch it up. For the sake of showing how this works, I am leaving the transcript unedited. At the end of the micro podcast you can click on the link to listen to the actual message. Enjoy!

This is my first test of what I am calling micro podcasting, what that is it is using jott we have short podcast and it will go right in your phone into your ____ account, it's pretty cool stuff. I checked this out last night and sent my first twitt using jott and in twitter there is a turn called micro blogging and that sending out short information ___ to blogs, here I am doing micro podcasting leaving out short messages, voice messages, so that's it for today my first micro podcast. listen

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I have created many Jott's and most of them translate very well. For some reason this Jott did not translate well. The key is to speak clearly and slow enough so that Jott can create a clean translation. With all that aside, it is pretty cool that I can speak into a phone and create a blog post that has both a transcript of my voice mail and a link to the actual voice message.


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