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I stumbled across a video blogging website called Seesmic today. I spent several days at the Gartner AADI conference in Orlando this week and created the following video summing up my thoughts about cloud computing and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

In summary, cloud computing and PaaS are emerging technologies that will drastically change IT over the next few years. IT Leaders need to get better at organizational change management or these initiatives will fail.

Please provide me with some feedback. I want to know if this type of content has any value.


  1. Rajarshi  

    This is very well summarized and the content is good. Cloud Computing and PaaS is the new way that companies would slowly move towards and I agree with the view that we need good amount of Thought Leadership to steer the way forward.

    Good Presentation.

  2. Mike Kavis  



  3. Phillip  

    Great 1st Vlog. Informative, insightful and easy to understand...
    I have recently moved from selling 20+ vendors ultimately seeking a handful of positive IT business outcomes to offering 1 SaaS solution that arguably provides similar if not better outcomes.
    It is a paradigm 'thought & execution' shift and I am hearing the same common themes, 'we lose control, its not secure'... which was covered in your Vlog.
    The reality is, for organisations that wake up to this silver lining (excuse the pun) and begin functioning under a SaaS/PaaS model will no doubt, reap cloud-computing benefits earlier and therefore longer thus, further widening their greater competitive position in their chosen market place.
    Once again, thanks for the Vlog and look forward to your next one...
    "fortune favors the bold"

  4. Mike Kavis  


    Thanks for the feedback. It is a shift in our thought process and will be resisted the same way that the Internet was in the early days. People tend to resist things that cause them to change from their normal ways.

  5. webdesign brno  

    This is really well summarized . However , i agree with mike its not easy to change your ways. I am having hard time adopting new things

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