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I am going to regret ever trying this but I was talking with my friend Dennis Stevenson on Google Talk tonight and we were admiring how social networking has opened so many doors for us from a networking standpoint. In our conversation I mentioned half jokingly that all we need is to be able to send Tweets by phone. Then I remember trying out Jott several months ago which is a service that converts voice to SMS text messages from any phone. So I figured that I could hack up something to intercept the SMS text message to send to my blog which automatically feeds new blog posts to my twitter page.

When I went to Jott, which I had written off as a tool that I had no use for, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the smart folks at Jott where one step ahead of me. They already had Jott integrated with Twitter. I simply called the Jott number, said Twitter, and then spoke a short message. Within a few minutes I had a Tweet on Twitter with a tinyurl link to my message.

Then I found that Jott is integrated with Blogger, Wordpress, Google Calendar, and many others. Imagine being on the road and you remember that you have an appointment at 2pm the next day. You can call the Jott number (mine is voice activated) and tell Jott to call Google Calendar. Then simply speak into the phone to set up your appointment in your Google Calendar and you are done.

I probably will now be responsible for many car accidents for sharing this. But seriously, the possibilities with Jott are endless!


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    great article; you might also want to take a look at www.mycaption.com if you have a BlackBerry. Let's you speak any 3 minutes long text as an emails/memos/tasks/calendar entries and contact notes and then synchronize into any of your applications like Outlook.

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