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I frequently discuss SOA with potential clients, fellow architects, and business partners. Each audience requires a discussion that is tailored to the appropriate level of technical and business expertise. Today I had to present to a CEO and a few of his top staffers about what it takes to launch into a SOA initiative. So I put together a presentation similar to the one below and felt like sharing it with all of you.

Before you look at it let me put the discussion into context. The target audience is hi level management, business and IT, who are already bought into SOA and are trying to understand what is involved before they launch into a full blown SOA initiative. This is not a presentation for architects, rather it is to inform C-Level stakeholders what is required from a business, technology, and culture standpoint.

I also had to sell to them that I know what I am talking about, hence the first few slides about my background. One last note: Some of the slides are mostly visual and only get the point across when backed up with talking points.

I hope this adds value to some of you. Enjoy!

Are You Ready For Soa
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