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Below is the presentation that I am giving tomorrow at the SOA Consortium. Today we discussed numerous case studies. In each case, there were major changes within the organization that had to be overcome. In some cases, the business had to standardize their business processes which required them to change the way they think and work. In other cases, developers had to shift their mindset from the way they have always built things to a more service-oriented approach. In several of the government case studies, large organizations with completely different cultures and processes had to work with other government agencies that they have never worked with before. I could go on and on but the common theme in all of these case studies was that change was one of the most challenging parts of the SOA implementations, not the technology. In fact, one initiative took a year and a half just to get 18 different government agencies to agree on a standards, requirements, and data definitions. Talk about change!

Anyways, here is my presentation about change and how to plan and manage it.

SOA & Change
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